Conbee L500 bad Payload undestanding gps

hi, i use conbee l500, with gps payload format:

Length of service data (1Byte) Service (1Byte) Characteristic (1Byte) Data (Xbyte)

but gps location is not good. can someone help me?

what do you mean by this?

hello, my conbee L500 device, send the next Payload,


which according to the manufacturer’s Payload table is to be interpreted as:

can you help me?

You can directly select conbee l500 while adding the device to cayenne. The payload should be decoded by cayenne and the correct widget will be auto generated.

I’ve done just that, but the result is the one I sent.

What is the result you are getting in cayenne dashboard ?

Can you private message your DevEUI and your eamil_id

hi, i view the changes:


for the valors:

is a great work, buy i think that the “battery indicator” must be a “% value”:
→ 1 — 100% (green)
→ 2 — 75% (green)
→ 3 — 50 % ( yellow)
→ 4 — 25% (red)

and the “Battery” must be an “analog value”

(p.e. the data on image: “3,79V”)

Thanks in advance, Regards, Fran

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we have updated our backend. Will look into the battery issue.

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hi Shramik, is possible any workarround to solve issue?


For battery and battery indicator issue. Delete both the widget and let them auto re-create.

ok, battery voltage is ok, battery indicator is similar.

dont worry, this is not importan. GPS position is the important. Any idea? thanks


we are looking into the GPS issue. the battery indicator issue solved be fixed now. remove and re-add it.

great, perfect. thanks

we checked with conbee. it seems that it needs to firmware update and will be done in mid july.

Thank you shramik_salgaonkar, that’s what they said to me.

seeing in the app for ios, the position of the L500 is still in the meridian (as the position of the web appeared at the beginning)

Can you help me? Thank you.

will look into the app issue, but the fix wont be done soon.

ok, thanks