Connecting Issue with Arduino uno and Cayenne Via Ethernet Shield W5100

No, I’m not connected with Router…
I’m connecting with laptop to Ethernet shield.

My laptop is connected with MTS WiFi network.
and my LAN connection Static IP is fixed by myself.
Static IP is
Ethernet shield getting network by sharing form my laptop.

So you have a network cable between your laptop and your arduino?

@prasanthsselvam, I suggest you try another ethernet device on that cable such as another laptop, xbox, etc. This will help you isolate if it is an issue with your Arduino setup, or your Internet Connection Sharing.

Try that, and get back to us if it seems to still be an Arduino/Cayenne issue.



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ICS doesn’t like static IP addresses. Best to set everything to dynamic and let it do it’s thing. Also, try @kreggly suggestion of connecting something else to see if it works.

I have another one doubt…
I can send a code to arduino uno without connect Ethernet shield…
But I cannot send a code to arduino uno with Ethernet shield…
If i send a code with Ethernet shield, Port is often disconnected…
I don’t know, What is the problem…

You have reminded me of a couple things that have happened to me-

  1. When the shield is installed, make sure the pins from the ethernet socket don’t short out on the USB socket. Made things very hot and did not work, didn’t kill anything, just got warm.

  2. At one point I ordered 3 ethernet shields from Amazon. One of them was DOA, fortunately, I had others to troubleshoot with and was able to quickly sort out the problem. I understand you may not have this option.

Hope this helps,


I have another one doubt…
that is cayenne mobile app doesn’t show the option for arduino…
It shows only raspberry pi option…
What is the problem… ?

Android Arduino support is in Beta. Don’t know about IOS as I try not to get my hands dirty…

Patience my friend. Patience.


Thanks for your answers…

We do have Arduino support available in the iOS app already if you have an iOS mobile device. The Android one is coming shortly, we’re squashing some final bugs and should have it out the door.

If you’d like to be part of our Android Arduino beta, send me a PM with your Cayenne email address, and I can have a Beta APK sent to you so you don’t have to wait for the official release! :slight_smile:

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I am trying to connect with cayenne but i am getting like below

MAC: FE-E8-DB-95-E4-E3
[1] Getting IP…
[60452] DHCP Failed!

How can i resolve this issue?

That error indicates your DHCP server did not respond. There can be a few reasons for that.

  1. You are not connected to the correct (or any) network
  2. You are connected to a network that has no DHCP server (for example a network with only a switch)
  3. Your router is configured improperly or has failed
  4. You need authentication for the network (corporate or school environment)

We’ll need some more info like what board and what network connection method you’re using. Since you posted in the Arduino uno and Cayenne Via Ethernet Shield W5100 thread I’m assuming that’s what you are using, but you know what they say about assuming…

yes, I have connected W5100 with arduino mega. Network cable connected between Ethernet shield and laptop. I am using MTS Wi-Fi dongle. Any configuration is required? please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

If it’s a windows laptop you’ll have to set up ICS for it to send your Arduino an IP address. You can follow this guide:


Thanks for your support.Now connection established. I am started working with Cayenne.
I have one device which will read the sensor values continuesly if I send the commands like S0000089 vai RS232 in hyperterminal. I just want to display that sensor values automatically in Cayenne via arduino.Is it possible?

What sensor are you using?

I am using current sensor, but I want to measure via the device which I am having.Only for display I want to use Arduino and cayenne.

Hi I have problem with ip adres in code have IPAddress arduino_ip(10, 10, 10, 20);
but in serial have
[0] Using static IP
[1300] My IP:
[5001] Connecting to
ping to is ok
any ideas?

Hi florek,

What result to do you see in the serial monitor if you run this IP address test sketch?: