Control buttons using the app (IOS)

@Alex_Gorr can you direct message me your email_id.

Thanks, I’ve updated the app and it works now

Can you add mobile notification to sensors, not just a message of an email.

For example when a digital sensor activate the mobile make sound.

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we dont support this but you can send a SMS notification to your mobile.

How are you, I have problem when I open the app and press a button, the button will not response and it keeps refreshing, until I restart the app and it will works.
Do you a solution?


we have a fix for this issue and will have an update in upcoming days.

Hello i have the same problem in Android app.

or is this fix just for iOS? thanks.

Was this fixed for IOS version v2.3.3… I still have the same issue. Push buttons locking up in the app…

no. will have it fixed in next update.

I wrote a review recently regarding my concerns. Some apps are still not available in Android devices. Also some control are not functioning well in iOS. Check below snapshot.

trigger also has an issue. sometime it’s working sometime it’s not. Lately, I’ve created another trigger but is not working at all. The bulb as shown above is active even though the LDR value already above 40.

the tank widget is not yet support on mobile platform.
regarding your IOS issue can you provide more details?
can you PM me your email_id so i can look into your issue.

The same problem

I’ve updated the app and the buttons keep refreshing.

Im using the android app

Please help

is it when you keep the app in background? try closing and restarting it again.

Yes, but every every time I need to open the app then restart it again to make it work
It can’t work without restarting

what is the app version you are using?

It’s 1.5.10
I updated it after you told to update,week later

can you update to 1.5.11 and give it a try?

OK Iam trying the new version now and it seems to be working. Thank you for your time.
I will test it a couple times.

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So should the control buttons work now in 2.3.4 for ios?

yes it should is work.