Problem with app cayenne /ios iphone


Hello dears
I have a problem
I’m turning on a led, from the website cayenne the button works, but since the apps do not work, the button is frozen.

I am using a esp8266 01 and iphone x

I leave the images, thks


Have you added the device as a Bring your own thing?


I selected this Microcontrollers Generic ESP8266
and freezes the apps on my phone
and also as “Bring your own thing” and freezes the apps on my phone.


can you try adding the device by selecting Arduino microcontroller.


Yes, try and it’s the same.

even try with an esp8266 nodemcu and the app freezes.

It will be an bug of the app for iphone?

I have also changed channel 0, 5, 10 and the problem continues in the app.
From my laptop it works.


can you PM me your email_id.


Of course