Conversion error with LT-33222-L LoRa I/O Controller

I’m getting closer to your world. I configured my dragino with TTN and then with cayenne. It works, but I immediately noticed a first “problem”: I connected to the AVI1 input the same power cable of the dragino (12Volt DC).
the data I see on cayenne is: 125.44000244141 Volt
The error is one decimal place!
the correct value would be: 12.544000244141 Volt
Considering that on TTN as decoder payload I used “Cayenne LPP”, how can I correct errors of this type directly on CAYENNE?

are you getting the correct value on your TTN console?

0000 0000 3102 0000 38

From the Dragino user manual on page 11 I find the information to infer the tension:

AVI1 is 0x3102/1000=12,546V

So I assume the TTN data is correct. Do not you think?

can you share the user manual link.

here it is:

I am also using the Dragino LT-33222-L. TTN shows the correct value on my voltage input 1 as 8.939V, but Cayenne desktop shows 89.39V.
I am using the Dragino LPS8 (LG08) gateway with version LG02_LG08-5.3.1576467023 firmware.

can you private message me your devEUI.