Wrong values and units (Dragino LSE01)

I’m using a Dragino LSE01 and Dragino LG02 (setup via TTN) and want to integrate the sensor values in cayenne to use the widgets. Data is transmitted, but the conductivity value is a hundredth of its actual value. Also the unit is shown in cayenne as “null”, but it should be “uS/cm”. The unit issue occurs with the soil temperature in a similiar way, showing “p” instead of “c”. The value of the soil temperature is correct.

In the beginning i set the payload format to custom and used Dragino’s decoder. After some research, i changed it to Cayenne LPP, which didn’t change anything.

I’m also using a Dragino LHT65, which is working fine in Cayenne with Dragino’s decoder set in the payload format in TTN.

Hope you can help me find the error.

That what it is from the dragino decoder code http://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/LoRa_End_Node/LSE01/Payload_Decoder/LSE01_TTN_DECODER.js

Currently cayenne does not support soil moisture with “us/cm” unit.

what type unit is “p” for temperature?

Thanks for the answer!

Conductivity is in these lines decoded. I actually tried to multiply the value by 100 to get the right value, but it sidn’t work.

value=bytes[8]<<8 | bytes[9];
var conduct_SOIL=(value);//conduct_SOIL,conductivity,units:uS/cm

I guess “p” is percentage like in soil moisture or humidity. And i have seen “c” for temperatures, so this might be “Celsius”

Ok, so there is no way i can display this unit?

thank for pointing it out. I misconsidered it with the soil moist. will have it changed.

there is no percentage unit for temperature.

no,you cant.


Yes i know and i have no idea what else “p” could mean. But that is not that much of a problem. Much more important would be the conductivity issue.