I have set up a Dragino LT-33222-L communicating via LoRa to the Dragino LPS8(LG08) gateway, which is connected to TTN and Cayenne.

I can set the relay and digital outputs using the hex codes in TTN Console - Device Overview,
but the “schedule” option does not seem to be available from the settings icon
and the trigger does not seem to operate.

Are these options working?

Is there a way to manually set the digital output/ relays from Caynne?

you mean you to want to add a button widget so that you can control a relay.

Hi Shramik,

A button widget would solve the manual operation of the relay, so that would help.

I would also like the trigger to work.

is it is programmable or pre-programmed?

The LT-33222-L is straight out of the box. I have not changed any parameters.
It is possible to change some of the parameters via AT commands through a serial port.

if it out of box then the button widget should have been produce on the dashboard automatically.

I think that only the receiving sensor commands will be activate in Cayenne. So you can read the status of the relais. But i have not seen the button to toggle this from this dashboard.

we have updated the codec for the Dragino LT-33222-L and now it should work fine. Remove the widgets that are showing as sensor widget and it will re-add them new as button widget.

Oh great. I shall try it. Was it posible voor us to change this modification by our self?

no, this was something we had to do at our end.

Hello to all!

I have similar problem, I upgraded the firmware to 1.4.1 and it has the following problem too instead of Voltage 2 reading ,shows the reading in Current 2 in mA! also the downlink for relays doesn’t work and digital I/O.
I use Chirpstack latest version.

As per Dragino support to show the Voltage and current correctly I had to change the device model to their newest model LT-22222-L but still downlink doesn’t work!

Hope you fix this issue because the device otherwise is useless.

can you private me your DevEUI and email id.

I have the same problem. I changed the firmware of my Dragino LT-33222-L to rev. 1.4.2. I am using TTN.
Current and Voltage channels seem to be exchanged. I can exchange the channel-number, but then I see the Voltage only in mV or V.
12.5V are displayed as 12,500 mV (technically correct) or 12,500V. Imho there is factor of 1000 missing.

@wolfpcgn can you share a screenshot and be specific about the issue.

Thank you for your answer. Because the values of current and voltage are exchanged in Dragino LT-33222-L rev. 1.4.2, I linked the widget “Battery” to channel 205 (voltage 1). When I start the program or after hitting the “refresh”-button (F5) everything looks right:

After the reception of a new packet the display of battery-voltage changes to mV.

Furthermore the switching of the digital-outputs does not work, it always sends “03 00 00” as payload.
This are just a few hints, I am still experimenting with LoRaWAN, TTN and Cayenne.

can you private message me your DevEUI.