Could not remove sensor


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Added Widgets/Sensors for temp/hum, can not be removed in Web session. You get message “Could not remove sensor”


Hi @pearl3,

Could you try resetting your web dashboard via the upper-right settings gear icon > Reset Dashboard in Cayenne? If that doesn’t do it (or if you don’t want to do that), I’d be interested in if you could privately share your login credentials so our team can investigate what’s up here. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.


Hi @rsiegel ,
i have reseted my dashboard some days ago for the same problem. So i don’t think this is the solution :wink:

For me it seems there are serveral problems with dashboard and sensors/widgets. Sometimes it will not sync to web app when you made some edits in the android app and vice versa. Or it will sync but then there are edits i have not made, like the icon changed from gauge or thermometer to valve.

So i would send you my credentials so you can check but i can not find where to change my password. There is no topic in the settings for this???


Understood. We are aware of sync issues between mobile and web and have made these a top priority for our development team to fix. These are not limited to your account.

I would still be interested in seeing the widgets that can not be removed, even after a dashboard reset. You can reset your password via this form: Currently there is no way to do it from your logged-in account.


Thanks for sharing your credentials with me. I believe I see the issue, which is that (correct me if I’m wrong) you’re trying to remove widgets while the parent device is offline? I suspect if you bring the device online so it can communicate with Cayenne’s servers, you should be able to remove your widgets without issue.

Once your devices is online, you’ll see this yellow bar disappear, then it should be safe to try removal:


Ok maybe my input was a bit confusing, sorry for my english.

I only tried to delete the widgets because of my mainproblem. I’m not sure if you have seen this thread?

This was what i also mean when said it seems there are serveral syncing probs. Is it possible to check this with my credentials?

Thanks in advance :+1:


I’m taking a look now, I’ll respond in that thread just to keep the issues sorted for anyone else who comes across these threads.