Cpu 100%


I have a fresh install on an rpi B. Why is my cpu always at 100%?


If you run top on your Raspberry Pi’s command line it should show a live list of running processes with much more detail than our CPU widget.


How do I know which processes to kill?


top should show a real time list of running processes sorted by their CPU consumption. Since it’s updating every second or so, you may see the list jump around a little bit. Here is an output from one of my Pis with Cayenne (and nothing else of note) running:

The Cayenne Pi agent is the python3 entry. In my case its bouncing between 10% and 30% CPU which seems pretty normal, isn’t causing any performance issues. If you kill it though, Cayenne won’t be able to interact with your Pi or see it as online until its running again. Easiest way to do that is just reboot the Pi and it will start at boot time.

If it’s consistently pegging your CPU after each reboot, until we make any improvements to the agent performance, you could connect the Pi via the MQTT API instead. In that case there would be no agent software running on your Pi, and sensor/actuator data would be controlled by MQTT functions instead which I assume will be much lighter weight.


After 24 Hours of work, the CPU is at 100% and the temperature is at about 83 degrees. I also use a heat sinks!
When I run the “top” command, the process named “kwork” is on the top and use a lot of resources. After a reboot, everything works fine, until some hours and then again the CPU is 100%

Can somebody help?
Thank you