CPU is 100% after long time of use

I have come across to an issue which makes my CPU of RASPBERRY PI 3 - 100%. CPU Temperature is extremely high - 83 Celsius Degrees.

When I run top command, some process named “kworker” is eating my resources.

Thank for posting this! We will be looking into. We’ll let you know if we need you to test / verify fix :slight_smile:

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It is strange that my Raspberry works for ~120 hours without reset and now seems ok. The problem is not constantly happening…

While we have had occasional reports of CPU usage, I wonder if this one is Cayenne. Usually you’ll see the myDevices pi agent as process python3 in top. kworker is the Raspbian kernel and while we could be doing something to trigger it, it could also be the OS doing any number of things.

@ognqn.chikov, If you still have your pi in this state (with high kworker CPU usage, and Cayenne installed), I’d be curious if you see any improvement by stopping our services. To test with our services stopped:

  1. We run a watchdog to monitor our services, webiopi and myDevices. You need to change this first so they aren’t restarted, fouling your test. Open /etc/myDevices/crontab.sh in a text editor of your choice, and comment out the line that reads sudo service $2 restart >> /var/log/cron by putting the # character in front of it. Save your changes.

  2. Next run sudo service myDevices stop and then sudo service webiopi stop to stop our services.

  3. Now check top again. If the CPU usage is still high for kworker, then it can’t be Cayenne since we’re not running at that time. If the CPU usage has stopped, then it looks like Cayenne was behind it.


I would test and return results ASAP :slight_smile: