Monster slow, 100% cpu on Pi 1

I’m using a Pi 1 Model B to control some relays when a switch activates. It’s a pretty simple python script. My next step is to trigger the switch remotely. Remote access on my own network or worldwide would be fine.

I installed the latest Cayenne earlier today thinking it would easily do this. The first thing I noticed was that my cpu goes to 100% because of this software. I left it sitting for a half hour, still at 100%. What should I do to reduce that? I’m running headless so no gui is taking up cpu. Tried a restart, no change. I wiped the software and reinstalled it, no change.

Next up is the slowness for the site to refresh and execute button presses. Sometimes it is taking 15 minutes for the dashboard to update. I pressed one of the buttons 10 times and 15 minutes later my Pi went crazy with all the presses. This issue could be directly related to the 100% cpu.

If Cayenne is just too much for this old pi then Ill try wiringPi and php I guess. I assume it should run if it also works with the Arduino.

Update: To be specific here are the two processes maxing out the CPU:
root 840 1 4 04:25 ? 00:00:04 /usr/bin/python3 -m webiopi -l /var/log/webiopi -c /etc/webiopi/config
root 972 1 30 04:26 ? 00:00:19 /usr/bin/python3 -m myDevices -P /var/run/

Hi @cameron,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

While Cayenne can certainly function on the gen 1 Pi, as you have experienced it is a little bit slow since gen 1 Pi is under powered compared to its younger brothers :slight_smile:

We’ve actually made multiple improvements to the CPU since Cayenne’s launch, and we have in our backlog to look into continuing that. Did you have a Pi2 or 3 available?


try disabling “Device tree” and “Camera”,
or do “Reset Dashboard”

it helped me.