'd' Day View missing from Data Plots?

The ‘d’ Day view seems to be not working on several projects and devices.
Also the ‘w’ week view has had a few gaps per screen grab here
Data generally comes up for the last 36 hours in the Custom time range plots but is missing from other recent day data views.
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I am seeing similar issues - something weird is going on with 24 hr data.

The bug is now affecting the week plot view of data:

This is spreading wider each day.
The workaround I use for now is to use the ‘Data’ and dump the channel of interest to a CSV / Optional open as a spreadsheet. So looks like data is there it is just having issues rendering the plot ?
This is F.Fx but will check out other browsers
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Per screen grab… Update:

Data older than ‘yesterday GMT’ is now missing from ‘w’ Week View and I suspect is eating into the ‘m’ Month view from data trends
Data can be salvaged from manually dumping the ‘Data’ view and placing in XL etc.
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Yes same here. I have removed and added the device in Cayenne and it still appears to have the same problem. I’ve been sending data to a google sheet for some time now since this has been unreliable. Other devices have not been affected similarly so far - just one device.

I was wrong - this is affecting other devices as well.

Seems to have been fixed

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Yes Day and Week views back together again
Thanks :slight_smile:

but same GAPping issue can be seen on month and more month based views also.
Do you agree?

And "custom " is involved, too.

The data that was missing from my projects I found was still able to be recovered from Data > Custom > Download even though it did not ‘plot’ on the screen view. Perhaps try that ? I have not needed to go too far back as the day and week view was I need for tracking RFID ‘microchipped’ penguin movement against nest box temperature. Lots of fun :slight_smile: