Dashboard keeps changing

  • Device & model you are using: Standalone ESP01, 201, 07

  • What dashboard are you using? WEB and Anrdoid application

All of the working devices keep changing dashboard looks from simple value display to Graphs or Gauge type of data display, what the is going on with this system???

Both old Arduino and MQTT lib devices are doing this.

Hi @Agroelektronik,

I’ve never seen this before…can you PM me your account info so I can take a look?


This was all ok until 24h ago, the widget looked like this and had units writen under the value.
Then it changed by it self 1st to Graph display, 2 and 3rd to gauge display.
I managed to get it back from mobile application to this state, since web does not have option to return the view, but after returning it to this view, the unit values are not displayed.

There it is it happens again after page refresh my whole dashboard changes from value display to bunch of graphs and gauges.

Edit: I logedin to dashboard from Android aplciation, returned dashboard to value display, nothing else changed. Loged back in with web browser, my Luminosity sensor lost its channel, mqtt added one by itself with same channel number used, but now luminosity sensor is showing reverse values (its getting dark and he shows more and more lux as it gets darker) and it worked for 10 days without error showing proper values.

What is the point of having graphs and data collection if user needs to reset its dashboard every 5 days.
This is starting to be ridiculous.

I too have had widgets that change their type of their own accord…