Dashboard not fetched

Raspberry pi zero wifi,
Raspbian stretch
Android os

I managed to setup first dashboard after imstalling and controlled/monitored some io’s. After about 60min of moving and editing the dashboard elements, the app indicated that the dashboard could not be fetched and the user should try again later.

Being new to cayenne I do not know if it is a server issue or if the issue is on the android phonebeing used.
Kindly provided assistance.
I have seen some comments on the server availability and hope that this is something that occurs rarely.

this occur frequently. Can you share a screenshot of the same.

Happening at this moment!

we were only able to produce this issue whenever we disconnected our mobile from internet. so it may be due to some reason your phone is getting disconnected from internet.

Not sure what is exactly is meant by the response, but while Iam using cayenne on mobile Iam still receiving emails, whatsup etc which indicates that my internet connection seems to be fine.

I have tried a uninstall/install of cayenne on my android device with no better results

can you PM me your account details.you can change your password here https://cayenne.mydevices.com/cayenne/forgot

Also can you provide more details about how and when the issue is produced. which mobile device you are using, the android version and the app version.

Lg v30+
Android o
App 1.5.2 99

After login, going into device menu selecting device.
Sometimes the following is displayed.

Buttons sometimes are refreshed.
Adding a sensor/actuator results in ‘server error’. Also in project view.

I have tried the following:
Uninstall, reinstall package - no change.
Reboot android device - no change.
Reboot raspberry pi - no change
Used another android device (P20) - initially ok, will check again later.
Tried swapping between wifi and 4G - no change
Thank you for the support!

will we look into your issue. Did you add this widgets to your dashboard by clicking on + . or are you trying something else.

Used + function

can you share a screenshot?

on your account there are no devices added.

Good day, I added a fixed ip to my device and did a fresh iso to the sd card. Added a new device on cayenne with two leds and two switches. So far so good. Lets see if the dashboard keeps working over the next couple of days.
(I am a little bit confused why the inputs arenot pulled up but will look at the comminity issue before I go into panic mode)

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Glad to hear it is working now. let us know is the issue occurs again.

have you connected a pull up resistor to the switch?

Hello I have the same issue with my dashboard in the mobile app.
Could you please tell me how did you resolved it?

we no longer support mobile app issue. you will have to use web dashboard henceforth.