Dashboard Not Populating


Device and Model: ST Microelectronics B-L072Z-LRWAN1
Dashboard: Web, Android

Problem description:
After removing a known working Cayenne LPP protocol device from the dashboard, and then re-adding it, the dashboard no longer populates based on any received packets. My network service provider (Senet) shows that packets are being received/forwarded without issue, and I can send command PDU to the nodes using Senet’s tool without issue.

Is there something going on with the Cayenne application side that would prevent this from working now?

Thanks so much in advance for any insights into what’s going on here.


We’re investigating right now @baruch.spence. When approx. did you remove and re-add the device? And the device was working prior to removing and re-adding, correct?



Hi Benny,

I added it yesterday afternoon (12/20, 3-4 p.m. MST). Removing and adding all throughout the evening and this morning has given me the same message of “the dashboard will populate when it gets data” etc.

I reached out to Senet Support late last night, and they replied this morning with:
“We have spent time looking into this on our side and have been able to reproduce the same results that you have reported. We have confirmed that the notifications are being sent, and received by myDevices, however data is not populated for any new device that is added to myDevices. We have confirmed existing devices forwarding to myDevices are still updating with current data. We have reached out to myDevices to investigate this further, and will provide an update once the issue is resolved.”


I missed a question you asked. Yes, the device was working well prior to this.

Thanks again here.


how are things looking now @baruch.spence?



Hi! Looking great now! Thanks for whatever you did! :slight_smile:



Small update here. While the dashboard is populating, there’s maybe still some issues w/ Cayenne sending downlink (from Cayenne to Senet) messages to the network. I have a digital output configured on these end nodes, but I can see that some Android app. initiated commands don’t queue or immediately appear (if ever) in the Senet transactions list.

What’s a typical transaction latency from Cayenne control to a network (e.g. Senet)? Is this something that can be improved with a paid tier upgrade or something? Not sure how that works, etc.

Thanks again here.


@baruch.spence yes this is something we just found out after our recent fix. We are now looking into fixing DL. Like last time, I’ll keep you updated on things. Thanks for your patience.



Quick clarification, so does the DL command reach the end node? Just the state change is not properly reflected on Cayenne UI?

Or, you are saying the DL never reaches the end node.



Go ahead and give it another go when you get a chance…should be fixed.



Hi Benny,

It seems to be working great now. Much more responsive and the command gets through each time. Thanks again.



Just an update here. After some hours, the mobile application doesn’t seem to send digital output control messages and show up in my network queue anymore. Restarting the mobile application didn’t seem to change the behavior. I can see other data from my remote node however. It’s just the digital output control commands from the application (Cayenne) to the end node that seems to sometimes stop working.

From my network console, I can manually send commands to the end node, so I know that that connection segment is working.



It seems the web control interface is having the same issues too.


Are you still having any issues? Seems like all the bugs from that time have been cleared up.



I just checked, and the web interface seems to be working well with both receiving data and sending the digital output control to the end node. The Android application however only seems to be receiving data and the digital output control to the node is non responsive. Using the Android application, I can’t see that any application payload packets make it to the Senet network at all.



I saw another post earlier today with the same kind of thing. I’ll ask in slack if there’s a problem.