Data Usage rather high


1. Is this related to iOS or the online dashboard?

Not sure

2. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail so we can quickly resolve.

Seems like it’s using rather a lot of data, about a day’s worth of not doing much (added a temp sensor this afternoon) and fiddling around a few minutes came to 359mb, maybe not much for data hungry devices but rather a lot if I intend using it with a mobile sim (359mb/day…)


Hi Chaun,

Are you using your mobile phone as your ISP? Or are you thinking about when we release our app, and if the app will eats huge amounts of data.

The data usage is high because we send packets to ensure the Pi is online 24/7.



I’m moving this to the ideas / suggestions category… Perhaps we can implement some special setting for when you are on mobile and don’t want to be sending mass amounts of data.

What is input here from the community??



Sort of like a refresh interval? Could work…