Device - Raspberry pi offline

I added raspberry pi to cayenne successfully few weeks ago. it’s working satisfactory.
But many a times it goes offline and online automatically. Why this is happening? is this internet related issue or cayenne account/server disconnection?

Generally if we’re having any server issue you wouldn’t even be able to access your dashboard, so I don’t expect it’s that. The online/offline status just indicates that we’re not getting packets from the Pi agent software that communicates with our server.

Could I ask if this Pi is connected via wired Ethernet or WiFi? We’ve had occasional reports of online/offline changes due to WiFi/environmental issues. Is it staying offline for a long period of time, or just a few seconds?

it’s wired pi directly connected to Ethernet port. Some times it goes
offline for few minutes .Ex.2-3 minutes.

and some times few hours also.

And you otherwise have internet connectivity at these times?