DS18B20 Fahrnheit - Celsius


I can`t switch in dashboard.


Yes, this is known dashboard bug that will be fixed soon. It regressed with a recent push we did, unfortunately. Hang in there!



Hello, just wondering if there is a fix coming in the near future? Thanks.


Hi @lutefisky,

Should be fixed…is not for you?



Hi Rsiegel

Is it possible to get more than one sensor displaying one graph?

EG A number of temperature sensors showing their temperature over time but in one graph with different coloured lines.

Solar hot water tubes and the different temperatures in the hot water cylinder can be displayed on separate graphs but it would be better if they were all on one graph.




This feature is on our roadmap :slight_smile:



Hi B

Could you point me in the right direction for something that does have that feature :slight_smile:



Hi Benny

Any ideas if multiple lines on one graph from a Raspberry Pi is still on the road map?