DS18b20 not appearing in dashboard anymore


Hello guys. I solved it with a new sensor.
still did not automatically show up in the dashboard but by manually adding it worked.



Glad to hear you’re making progress! Sorry about the other sensor, but at least you’re back online.

Not sure what to tell you about the lack of discovery, I’m sure @bestes will chime in.



That’s weird that it wasn’t auto-discovered. I’ve had the sensor not auto-discovered, but after restart it popped into dashboard.

Curious, how did you manually add it?

@Ian You’ve had a few DS18B20…ever had a non-discovery?



Yes I have. In fact as I recall I had two on that project and 1 auto discovered the other didn’t.

I haven’t tried one in a while but I happen to have a spare and a couple RPi’s that arn’t doing much more than using bandwidth. I’ll give it a go here in a couple…

I’m trying to read through all that has happened in the community today, it’s been busy!



On a RPi3b
Hardware : BCM2709 Revision : a02082
With Jessie

Although I have it named SenseHat, the Pi was hat-less for this functionality check-

Prior to turning on-

It knows there is a DS18B20 in there, but no data yet…

Auto discovery worked fine here.

Things worked fine, which is good, sorta, not helping Emil much, sorry.



I’m going to move this topic to Helped. @emil.sjoeholm if there are discovery issues, try restarting Pi with DS18B20 attached and it should pop up when the Pi comes back online, presuming of course that the wiring is good to go.

Please let us know again if the Pi doesn’t auto discover. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reproduce any yet. Glad you were able to manually put it in dashboard this time.

Thanks for confirming @Ian.

Cheers guys!



Pull up voltage is altered in the config.txt file at bootup, memory serves I noticed that in the readme in the same folder for all the devices.
Not sure if it’ll work for this
1 resistor is easy to use though.

For the record 1-Wire DS devices work perfectly with a SenseHat installed ( and even a Ublox 6m GPS read via serial pins added in the mix).


Thanks for the lead on location of boot up configuration. Makes sense. I use both methods on various systems. I know the resistor is not a great technical issue. I am just looking at my workshop situation where I might be taking mainly programmers in dim rooms, e.g. / non electronic types and the simplicity of just putting three jumpers onto three pins. Getting simple sensors working fast and easily just blows them away. The rest of the time it is more electronics tuition and enguged and ‘connected’ learning about circuits at the lowest level possible. I try to keep it a hands on learning experience with bits, jumpers and breadboards. For that I agree the 4k7 is not all that troublesome.
~ Andrew