Elsys ERS Sensor cannot connect to Cayenne


i have a Elsys LoRa Gateway connected to the thingsnetwork with a Elsys ERS Sensor.
Connecting the sensor to Cayenne i get following error message

Please fix the following erros: Error conflict

Any proposal ?



@croczey :slight_smile:


Hey Martin,

It looks like we are receiving data from that DevEUI.

Do you perhaps have that device connected to a different account already? If not, log back into your account and give it a hard refresh to see if the device appears in your device list.

I’ve been seeing this error message pop up quite frequently in our community. If you don’t mind, can you please respond with detailed step-by-step instructions of the exact process you followed to add the device.

Either way, we will get this solved ASAP!




Hi @kemper,

Were you able to solve the issue here?