ELSYS-ELT2 not recieving data


I currently have some ELSYS devices running, from which I can retrieve data in another environment. However, only the ELSYS ELT 1 is properly functioning here on Cayenne. The ELT 2-HP doesn’t seem to connect with the Cayenne application. Could this problem be because there is no such model to choose from when adding new devices? Only the ELT 1 appears in that list?

If not, what am I doing wrong. All my other devices are properly connected.

Thanks for the help

yup, ELT 2-HP is not supported by cayenne as of now.

Thank you for the reply,
Any plans for adding support for it? If so when?

Thank you

will check and let you know.

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I also wonder if there might be a work-around I can use instead while I wait for the ELT2 to be added?

there is no workaround for this. you can reach the manufacturer to add this device to cayenne IOT ready platform. then the device will be available on cayenne platform.

you can try by using the ELT-1 sensor in the device list and also try the other Elsys options just to see if any of them work.

It is already added as as ELT-1 sensor, but sadly this isn’t working. I’ll try the others and I’ll contact Elsys and ask them to add it to the platform.
Thank you for your assistance

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