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  • Im using a Elsys ESM5k LoRa sensor and cannot get the data presented in mydevices and I have followed the guides. Can you see any troubles with my setup?
    Dev EUI: A81758FFFE03441F

  • Im using the kerlink WaneasyRAN Network server (kerlink.waneasy.com) to forward information http push

  • Im having basically the same problem with the Elsys ERS sesnor
    Dev EUI: A81758FFFE03464C


@asanchezdelc tagging for this.


Hi @mikeguess815,

We are receiving your device data, however, the payload type is wrong. We are getting packets flagged as base64 format, but the data payload is hex. That’s why the dashboard is not displaying data. Make sure you have configured the LNS to send the messages type in hex.

This is what we are getting:
... "payload":"01010b022f03fdf83f040000070ddb0f00","format":"base64","fport":5}
format should be hex



Thanks a lot… seems that I ran into a bug a the Kerlink platform… I changed the settings to Base64 and now it seems to work fine :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply I will report to Kerlink.