ESP8266 trigger and SMS issue

Hi everyone.

Thank you for the excellent Cayenne platform to do IOT projects. I am aware that there is a issue
with using trigger in ESP8266. I hope it can be resolved soon.
As for setting up events notification, it works on the text message to my email but not on SMS.
Currently i am in UAE and the country code is 00971.
Please advice.

From reading posts around here it seems that SMS can be a bit tricky. Here is a quote from another thread, maybe it will help even though it’s for Australia?

@rsiegel seems to be the master of country codes, maybe some day he’ll make a library post on it!

I should! Or we should improve the SMS dialog so we add our own exit codes and international users don’t have to worry about them :slight_smile:

What I would try is the following format for dialing a cell phone in UAE. 011 is the US/Canada exit code and the spaces don’t matter.

011 971 5? ??? ???

if that doesn’t work try just:

971 5? ??? ???

I’ll give up my little secret: I use this site to look up these phone number formats. Here is the page for dialing the UAE from the USA where I got this format: How to call the United Arab Emirates UAE: country code, area codes, phone books

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Thank you very much. The method 0119715xxxx worked. Appreciate your
Best Regards