SMS Alerts problem

Not able to get SMS alerts on both my india and UAE numbers, tried using +91xxxx as well as 0091xxx format, same alert i can get it in my email address, requesting for help

thanks in advance

Hello, any help any one ?

can you try your number with space after the country code.
eg: India: +91 90XXXXXXX
UAE: +971 90XXXXXX

hi sharmik

no luck even with a space after country code


try +91 809580XXXXX

finally there is a bit of good new after rearranging email id and phone number as per the attached screen shot
still following issues remain

  1. SMS received only in UAE number, that too intermittently, got only 3 SMS out of 6 test that i have done
  2. still no SMS to india number


here is what the trigger status shows

Have a look at this topic Sending MQTT messages within notification limit

Are you based in India?

no in UAE, but i have an India roaming number, here is what the SMS that i received

I am not sure whether the indian roaming number will work with the SMS notification.

now there is no alert at all, not even email, am using a raspberry pi and installed cayenne client using a mobile app, in your documentation you have mentioned there is no limit on actual alerts, not sure if i need to change something on raspberry pi client

there is a limit of 90 messages per day. if you are using raspberry pi then you need to use the python code from the link a provided above.

too confusing, i did get two widgets after running the code, and created a trigger as well, but how do i integrate this with my actual trigger, my actual trigger is just to notify when a relay gets on or off, or if the raspberry pi gets switched off or reboots

Are you familiar with basic python?

almost nill knowledge of python, article that you send me states that “For actuator trigger, there is no limit and there is no need to use the code but it is good practice to use as it”

my triggers are mainly for two relays to check the on / off alert, i have no other sensors to which am trying to configure,

how do i go about with this scenario


can you ssh into your pi?

yes, i did manage to edit the code with mqtt user name, pwd etc, it runs and am able to get two widgets in dashboard, only an on /off alerts is what i need

can you share the code you have used.

I too have problem receiving sms alert. I created trigger for my RPI to send alert for offline status. I chose email and my mobile number (Malaysia).
I’m receiving emails but not sms.
my mobile num +60 012xxxxxxx

Same to in the USA… Can you check my account… I show the triggers as processed. So I am not sure if they are being blocked somehow on the phone…