Ewattch squid how to display data (amps)?

Would like to know how to proceed to visulate data received from Ewattch squid 12 channel power meter?

you have first add the device to any network provider for eg the things network. then on your dashboard navigate to add new—>devices/widgets—> lora—> the things network—> scroll down and search for EWATTCH Electric Sub-Meter ----> add the DevEUI and you are done.

Thanks, done all that but the readings are not as expected. i have received this in TTN:{
“time”: “2019-02-07T12:09:52.675239957Z”,
“frequency”: 868.3,
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“data_rate”: “SF7BW125”,
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“gateways”: [
“gtw_id”: “ngcs000002”,
“timestamp”: 180010971,
“time”: “2019-02-07T12:10:05Z”,
“channel”: 1,
“rssi”: -66,
“snr”: 8.5,
“rf_chain”: 1
But i don’t see the current???

i guess that is not the payload of the sensor, it may be of the gateway you are looking into.

I have forwarded the data stream to Cayenne, could you assist how to setup to read data in project view?
vidget and unit or anything else to be aware off? Thanks

It just read 70.00 on all 12 channels

Do you also know if it only read one channel for every 10 minutes or read All?

this is the payload that the is forwarded from TTN and eventually by the device. so if they are sending data on all 12 channel there is nothing we can do. and if all are channel show same value then might be some issue with device not sending right data.