GPS rendering incorrectly on Android app but correct on web interface


I’m using a LoRa, TTN device sending GPS co-ordinates, with Cayenne LPP.
The location is rendered correctly on the web (Laptop). However, the location is shown incorrectly on the android app dashboard (MotoZ Play. Android 8.0.0). Please suggest.

Incorrect (middle of some ocean):

Correct (Bangalore, India):



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What is the app version you are using.

It shows
1.5.11-108 in the app drawer.



can you PM me your email_id


same issue, app version v1.5.11, updated 14 jan 2019
phone android 8.0.0

@jeroenkl can you PM me your email_id.


I am running into the same issue here on Android 9, app version 1.5.11-108.

@jnelissen can you PM me you account credentials. you can change your password here before sending to me.

any update available?

@jeroenkl check your inbox.

Seeing the same issue here,

Version 1.5.11, running android 9

we are looking into this issue.

thanks, any update?

not yet. the team is working on it.

any update available?

it is working fine at my end, can you provide me with your account info so, i can test your account device on my android phone and find the root of the cause.

I have the same problem.
Works on web interface but not on Android app.

Any news on this?

@Baarken can you PM me your account details.