Grouping sensors

This may have been asked before and i dont believe the feature is available, but in my scenario i have 2 different houses with sensors in them (Elsys sensors Co2 versions) i have no issue getting them to work on the dashboard its great, but a feature that groups sensors under an address would be really beneficial. so if i open the address up it then shows the sensors available and expands from there i think its a small touch that would really help the dashboard especially if they were in buildings with many floors etc.

if im missing something thats already available please let me know otherwise i guess this is possible implementation to the dashboard.

Thanks in advance

create a new project:

this will create an empty project dashboard.
Add all the sensor widget by dragging the device from the left sidebar. once done click on sharing option.

select the appropriate permission and copy the link generated.

now open this link in browser

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