Help with triggers and events on Arduino


After EVENTS & TRIGGERS failed to work on my Raspberry Pi 3, although everything is correctly displayed in the Dashboard and works manually,
I proceeded to setup everything on an ARDUINO MEGA …Now, with the same issue!, everything looks correctly in the dashboard and manually works, but TRIGGERS and EVENTS don’t work! Furthermore, under triggers, all TRIGGERS say “Ran 0 times”.
It is a very simple setup. It is supposed to turn-on a RED LED if temperature is below and turns-on a GREEN LED if temperature is above (in both instances, it turns of the led opposite to the condition).
Please help me!!! Regards,


Hi @adians,

Looks like you have the same device in the IF part of your trigger statement. And you have also created the same trigger multiple times. This will cause issues with getting the trigger to fire. Think of it like they cancel each other out.

Can you try again with only using the Thermistor in the IF part of the statement once?



Same thing … nothing happens (just left one of the triggers active) …
By the way, please take notice that it says: “Ran 0 times”


Just installed Cayenne in an Arduino UNO, installed 2 leds and 1 thermistor. Created a trigger to turn on a led, once temperature goes above a threshold, but nothing happens …

As you can see it continues stuck in “Ran 0 times”


Hi @adians,

Can you share the code you are using?