No data available for this period


Particle Photon with motion sensor and LED.
On the graph representation the only period time working is “live”.
All the others give "No data available…"
If there is activity (motion) it may work at “hours” or “minutes” but when there is no motion for a long period the only period time that works is “live”.
Seems that there is no data saved to show.
Anything I am missing here?

This is a beautiful product but I need to be able to show at least 2 or 3 days of motion/no motion.


Right now the sensor history feature is available for Raspberry Pi and Arduino Devices. We’re planning to extend this to ‘Bring your own thing’ MQTT devices and LoRa devices in Q1 of this year. I imagine your Photon is hooked up via the MQTT API?


Good question!
I am using the library from Photon which has the Cayenne connection lib.
This library seems to recycle the the Blynk lib and protocol, and on the registration I register as Arduino and got the Arduino token number.
For the code I just adapted the Arduino code for my Photon.


Hmm if it’s using the Arduino library then it should have history. How long has the device been online, and are you using any delays or sleeps? There is a bug where if you put your device to sleep sometimes the graph will not display data for certain ranges.


Thank you for the follow up.
What happens really is some error in your graphic trigger. It seems to trigger on the signal change or event change but not with the time.
If I send a trigger with my PIR then I can see some historic at least for one hour.
But if the PIR is left alone for hours without any changes (do not trig) then the graph stops and do not increment thus do not show any historic.

That’s the way I see it :slight_smile:

Bug Filed on 02-19-2016: Displaying all data point in trends

Ok, I know what you mean. I’ll change your post category to bugs.


Thank you. Let me know when you made changes that I can test it. Because for now I cannot use it this way.


I have a connected a temperature sensor to my esp8266 thing board and have relayed the data to cayenne. The simple gauge and value widgets are showing the values correctly but only the line chart is not working. It says ’ no data available for this period’. The corresponding trigger is also not working. Please resolve this or tell me if I am doing anything wrong