How to avoid flooding of alerts

Am working on a porject to alert a user when humidity reaches 50. How can I do that
below is my code.

float hum=dht.readHumidity();
Serial.println(“Humi is”);
Cayenne.virtualWrite(2, hum );

the code to send data within limit is quite simple. You need to understand how a function works and how we can pass parameters. Go through this link on how functions work,function%20to%20multiply%20two%20numbers.

So below are the parameters or data you want to pass in the function

#define THRESHOLD 200
bool sendBelowThreshold = true;

now you need to pass it in the function

sendTriggerValue(TRIGGER_CHANNEL, sensor_value, THRESHOLD, sendBelowThreshold);

and that’s all, when the sensor_value is below the threshold (if you have set sendBelowThold as true) then it will send the data to a two-state widget.

Then the trigger I make is based on the two state widget?

yes. since you are making the two-state widget data 1 which implies that the sensor_value has crossed the threshold value.

meaning I will trigger the two state widget. if threshold is 50 and sendBelowThreshold = true;
then it will be triggered when its off?

Is it possible for someone to edit the notification sent by trigger

i did not understand this.

this is an old post, and I guess IFTTT has discontinued the service. You can try the alternate services Webhook And IFTTT