How to create a consumer grade web or app?

I have created a project and it works from the Cayenne dashboard. But let’s say that I want to turn my project into a product. I need to “consumerize” (greatly simplify) the setup.

I’m think that I will create an app that can be used to walk through the initial setup. But at time 0 the device isn’t connected to the wifi because it doesn’t have the SSID or password.

So the device cannot connect to the wifi, and I cannot connect to the device. Does anyone have an idea on how this inital boot strap process can be accomplished?

Thank you in advance,


we don’t have anything right now where you can have a project to be sold as a product to the customer. We might have in the future. If you have a hardware then you enroll it Cayenne IOT ready IoT Ready Program - myDevices
For the wifi issue, you can use tzapu wifi manager to set the wifi credential from the mobile without hard coding it.

If you are using an Arduino, wifimanager will do what you ask. For Raspberry Pi I don’t know of much, but a quick google search revealed Wifi Network Bootstrap for the Raspberry Pi | Comitup. I’m not sure what the commercial license is for either of these packages so please do your research there.

Hi @robert.stober:

We do have a product that works as “end user” ready, but it is a commercial solution, though it can be used for personal use if a customer wants. It is call IoT in a Box. If you want to make your device LoRaWan enabled, it can work for our sister product. Check out . If you want to submit a finished LoRa device to get it enrolled and working with that application, then you can enroll it using the link Shramik provided.