HowTo present a project online to students


How can I present a project online as an example, BUT I need it locked against changes by viewers.

So it’s like a “Read Only Active display page”


Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA


sir, create a project by clicking on the “+” on your dashboard and add all the widgets onto this project.
once done click on " sharing " and select only overview.

What would you like to share?

Overview (Dashboard)
Privileges (Overview):

Turn on/off actuators
Send Link

then copy the link and give it to students.
now the dashboard will only show the values and cant be changed by students.


Thank you very much!

Do I have to do this as a new project? Can I set an existing project sharing??

Regards, Terry


project is a separate dashboard you have to create. it not the same as your device dashboard. to create a project dashboard click on “+”. then drag the device into project dashboard.


THANKS! I created a project, dragged my existing devices in and it works!!


Work for you??