I have a LoRa\TTN device with myDevices Integration but its not in the List of pre-configured devices

I have a LoRa TTN device

I have several TTN devices already linked on my dashboard and all working fine

But I have a couple of "vendor devices that are not in yet in teh Cayenne library

I can’t adjust the payload, so how can I add this to a dashboard

I appears custom widgets work well for SoC devices where the payload is configurable to Cayenne LPP format , but what if the vendor device payload can not be modified?

I looked at ‘Add New\Bring your own thing’ but it seems to preset the MQTT settings, and cant link it to the TTN MQTT Broker topic

Any suggestions welcome

You can only add device that are listed in the cayenne dashboard. If you want to add a new device, you can ask the manufacture to send their device to cayenne and we will process their request.

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Thanks Shramik

I will do so.

It would be great if there was a way to massage my TTN MQTT JSON Object to suite Cayenne, without need for supplier action.

Or make a pseido LPP string you can pluck out and process


there is no other way to do this.