Install multiple Raspberryes

How to i install this to second and third Raspberry Pi ? This link what this portal given me, if i register dead.

I have not done it but at the left hand side of the dial/info/ etc dashboard you can add more devices. Do that and I would assume you get another unique link.

Go to the left menu " add new - Device - Micro Computer - Raspberry pi - Generate new raspberrypi installer"

That’s it, it will then generate a new link for you to install from…


Seston, welcome to the community!

Your question depends a little on what interface you are on.

The above answers are for the online dashboard, thank you @bensimmo and @helder-rodrigues ! -
Add new…> Device > Micro Computer > Raspberry Pi > Generate new RaspberyPi installer
You will then be issued a unique wget command and a sudo sh command that need copied into a terminal window on the RPi you would like to install. Looks like this-

Please don’t use the commands in my examples, as they have been assigned to me, again you will get a unique commands for your RPi.

The Android process is a little more strait forward. When you start the app it should recognize a new RPi on your network, if you don’t see the new RPi try hitting the reload button in the upper right corner-

I’m sorry I can’t speak to the iOS experience because I don’t like apples in my technology fruit salad, sorry.



Thank you.
I use Ubuntu from version 5.04 or something :slight_smile: