Install MyCayenne with a mobile router

Hi i try to install my cayenne on my Raspberry PI using a Huawei E5770 mobile router Raspi is connected to the Internet (browser etc works) Mobile router is connected via LTE (4G) with the internet Raspi and iPhone are in the same Wlan but Cayenne will not find the Raspi direct search wit ip adress also failed.

Hi @dirk1,

Do you have a laptop or desktop computer available? The easiest option here is to log into to your web Cayenne dashboard and begin the process of adding your Pi through there instead. When it gives you an option, instead of the mobile app, choose “Option 2” where you just manually enter/paste the download+install commands into your Pi command line. Then you don’t need to worry about why the automated/IP searches didn’t find the device, as you won’t be prompted for them.