iOS app can't find Cayenne server

I installed the latest Cayenne on a Pi 2 Model B running the latest Raspian version.

I installed it while the Pi was connected to the internet on my home network. The iPhone app was then able to connect to it.

Now I’m running the same Pi as a standalone server in my car. The Pi is configured as a WiFi Access Point at

The iPhone connects to the AP(Tiffany) but when I try to connect to Cayenne it can’t be found.

Is there some configuration in Cayenne that needs to be revised?

Hi @brian.g.lay,

Great question. And welcome to the Cayenne community!

So your Pi needs to be connected to the internet, Cayenne (at this time) is cloud based. Perhaps you can tether your Pi to your phone internet?


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately my AT&T unlimited data plan doesn’t support tethering.

stand alone cayenne is on the roadmap?


It has been discussed here on the forums but there is nothing confirmed yet.

I just finally gave up my AT&T unlimited data plan this year. Hopefully not foolishly :slight_smile: I looked and our data usage was ~10GB and so we just bit the bullet and got a 16GB capped plan (which was actually cheaper to boot). Even with my new tethering obsession I’m keeping it well under the cap and with rollover data as well. Your usage may obviously vary, but in my case I was attached to the idea of the unlimited data but not actually taking advantage of it.

Just my two cents… it’s being discussed internally as well, but if there is any concrete news/plans for a standalone Cayenne server we’ll let you know via community announcement for sure.