Internet SCADA

I am a teacher of technology in the classroom, my students are doing projects with Cayenne.

In this example, the high temperature cooling air is included, as well as movement sensor monitors for motion.

Now we came to use the application to create an online SCADA.
You can put on any photo tags when you click on that page opens in Cayenne with the project and a specific sensor.

With this app you can make interesting presentations and simple to use for example in smart house technologies. Maybe it will be someone interesting. It looks like a real SCADA.


@sin-in-cyn36, this is really cool! You have great projects, like the multi-purpose “smart” power outlet.

If your students make automation projects, you could submit them all to the October contest and get paid $50 each! This could be a good class fundraiser. Our goal with the contest is to show how useful Cayenne can be to people, even if they aren’t professional IoT developers. @bestes, let me know if I’m missing any details!

I’m sure you already know the link, but just in case, here are the details: Submit Your Cayenne Projects! [contest ended]