IOS App Crashes on pressing button

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    Raspberry Pi 3

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    Web - This works fine
    IOS App - crashes on button press (Relay)

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I have several relays configured within Cayenne. This works flawlessly on the Webapp however after upgrading last night the IOS App crashes as soon as i press a button.

Each button is linked to a Solid State Relay.

I notice on the web app the channel shows as “dev:LKMEyzrzELGMsnH” instead of just the channel number. Nor do I have the ability to change the channel.

currently mobile app(IOS and Android) does not support raspberry pi agent 2.0. have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

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Thanks for this. Is there a way to roll back?

sorry but you have to wait for next update of the app. till then you can try a workaround by @SuperNinja Read Only Dashboard? - #10 by SuperNinja for android app. not sure about IOS but you can try by downloading google chrome and enabling desktop mode.

@youmustcomply update the cayenne app to latest version and give it a try New Android & iOS App Update

Great news. Thanks!

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