Is there support for Libelium's Waspmote IDE


Hello, I’m currently working on Libelium’s Smart Agriculture and I’m sending data through LoRaWAN. I’m currently trying to set my device for Cayenne and I was wondering if there is support for Libelium’s Waspmote IDE or will I have to make something from ground up


Hi @ovalknight, welcome to the Cayenne Community and thank you for your interest in our platform.

We don’t have any specific support for the Libelium Waspmote at this time, however if you can customize it’s payload to match our Cayenne Low Power Payload specification you should have no trouble adding the device to Cayenne. The Cayenne LPP format will allow you to send/receive generic data with Cayenne in a format that our platform understands.

Alternatively if they submit their device information through our free IoT Ready program then we’ll be able to build a decoder based on their submission and add it to the supported hardware list.

You can see a full like of currently supported LoRa hardware and networks here:


Hi @ovalknight,

Please keep us updated with your progress! I’m keen to see the Waspmote connected to Cayenne :slight_smile:



do you have any example how the config should look like?
I am not able to see the data on Cayenne and want to check what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks