Loriot -multitech mlinux


Good Afternoon, I had connected Loriot wtih Multitech Gateway mlinux, I like to obtain graphical at real time with my libelium nodes network with Lora - Multitech-mlinux-Loriot, but only I have got websocket payload about frames sending data by waspmotes, I would like to know if in this plataform CAYENNE I can obtain this result.

Thank you for your replay.



Hi @ivanfco11,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

I believe this should be possible. Have you read our DOCS section about Cayenne - Loriot integration?

Looking forward to hearing back from you,



Hi guys,

I have the exact same issue. I follow the setup manual from Cayenne and data are going on Loriot but i dont manage to setup Cayenne.

Any advices ? Ideas ?