Is TinyCoreLinux supported (or supportable)?


Hi folks…

So can this run on other-than-Raspbian?

Would rather not use Raspbian with all its excess stuff. The smallest
TinyCoreLinux “piCore” for RasPi is very small and (re)boots VERY quickly.
(esp if booting moves from SD card to USB MS partition).

The applications here for the RasPi seem to be headless and don’t need
desktop - the UI is on the web/phone.

[Coming from a RTOS consumer embedded background, I like products
that can boot in very short time. I know connectivity issues can take
longer, but the idea of having to miss something in an extended time
window is worrisome and that window should be shrunken…]



Hey Bill,

Welcome to the Cayenne community. To be honest, I never tried running Cayenne on piCore, but my thinking is it won’t work. Only Raspbian is supported right now. Once we get Arduino integration and a few other big features out the door, we’ll be working on ability for the Cayenne agent to be run on other systems.




Thanks for fast reply.

I would suggest, as time progresses, that Cayenne be supported on at least one
stripped-down fast-booting-as-possible Linux flavor. That flavor should always
offer a regular release image that doesn’t require much (if any) user hacking to
improve boot speed/time for app to be ready etc.

That seems to be base piCore now, but perhaps could change… what of
Raspbian or other 'fat Linux" releases is required that couldn’t move over?

Real embedded systems boot as fast as possible -this is why many consumer
electronic products still use smaller-footprint RTOSes & can be up & running in
some fraction of a second.

Perhaps Cayenne running under FreeRTOS (w/IP stack & USB support) would
also be of interest.