Lora "Conflict in adding a new device"



I am trying to add a new device, and keep getting this error message:

Please fix the following errors:
Error: conflict

I am adding a “Semtech LoRaMote EU” i have it up and running in Activity i have setup routes and app servers, but nothing works???

What is it i am doing wrong, or is there a bug here??



Hi @fwj, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Apologies for the delay in our response – I’m tagging our LoRa expert @croczey here who should be able to speak more directly to this error message.



I was able to add the LORAMOTE to TTN and get the data to mydevices.
I can see only RSSI and SNR shown in the Cayenne dashboard, not the actual payload.

As LORAMOTE is GUI configurable, i cannot format the data as per the cayenne format.

Please advise how to view the LORAMOTE Data, as semtech loramote is listed in the supported devices.


Hi @hvenkatesh

To start, the “Conflict” error message you saw usually means that a device with the same DevEUI has been added to an account already. We only allow each devEUI to be associated with one Cayenne account. If that was not the case, this could have been a bug on our end, which we will look into ASAP.

If you are only seeing RSSI and SNR values, this means that the payload is not being sent as expected. Can you please inform me of the mBed library and code that you used to configure the LoRMote? In addition, make sure that you are selecting the correct device from the device list, as the payload format for the LoRaMote EU is different than the LoRaMote NA.




Thank you Camrin.

I did not get the Conflict error message.

  1. MBED module
    There is no issue while working with Mbed module, as I can pass the data as per the Cayenne LPP format.

I have used LORAWAN code from

    But semtech LORA MOTE can be configured using the GUI, and we cannot modify the data format.
    It send the LED STATUS, GPS coordinates, Pressure, Temperature.
    As am unable to send in LPP format, only RSSI and SNR are reflected in dashboard.

Can we encode the data in TTN as per the LPP format?


  1. can you give more details on Data Channel, what does it means and how it is used while 5 different sensor data has to be sent.

Data Type value can be found from the Table on


We already have a payload decoder for this device, so you do not need to restructure the data. Just add the device as a Semtech LoRaMote EU as shown below:


Thank you.

LORAMOTE Sensors Demo is working well. Only GPS demo has issue.


hi @croczey
I got the same issue as I wanted to switch to Cayenne LPP to get more data than RSSI, using post from 6 maart 2017 by hansboksem.
I was first deleting my initial device (microchip Lora explorer by Sodaq which was connected fine) and when adding the Cayenne LPP as new device I got this same Conflict error message.
I’m now stucked as I can’t even create my sodaq device to come back to initial usage.
thank you for your support,



Sounds like the system thinks that your device is still active on the account, even though it has been deleted.

Try clearing your browser cache and trying again just to double-check. If that does not work, can you please send me the DevEUI of your device. With that, I can check our backend logs to see if maybe your device is in a weird state.




Hi, I have the same problem with my sodaq one tracker.
I installed the sodaq tracker cayenne software and used the LPP configuration at the TTN end.
At Cayenne i have chosen the sodaq one as a device. (EU)
However only RSSI and SNR are displayed.
Can someone help with this issue?