Lost pi again :(

Sorry to do this again, my pi has vanished from my home network once again last time i looked into this the pi was was only half booting up leaving a black screen with broken script commands on it, am i doing something wrong, its not the cayenne app by the looks of it, it has vanished from my network which suggests its gone wonky again what am i to do

Not like its moved ip either ive scanned for it and it isnt there nor is it visible on my router. Hacked perhaps? Taken offline?

Maybe the SD has broken?

Nope it all fine for about 3 days then nothing and when i last stripped the unit to plug a screen in jessie was broken and wouldnt boot and i had re install, looks likebthe same again.

So after the reinstall is working?

Works when fresh install jessie 4.4 something change to root, create password, switch e few connections on boot my vnc login expand file sys and what not…
Installed cayenne through tablet app first time no problem set my relays up no problem set schedules no problem all working fine then suddenly i come home from work and the light is running its usual cycle so i open the app and pi is greyed out so i check fing app for pi, not there, then i check router and pi isnt there, then i strip the light and plug screen in and boot to find jessie is broken in some way and doesnt reach the gui… so i did some rewiring for my own perposses put the unit back together and tried the install on tablet again which failed and i came for help in the end i got it running again now better than before and three days later its vanished again. Thanks

Woow, so now is again offline?

Yes im guessing its in some crashed state, until i can next open the unit to get a screen to it i cant do anything right now, lost all control of the raspberry pi for the second time, good thing for time being i cqn switch the lights on-off manually until i can get it open again

Also i will take a look this time see where jessie is going wrong at boot perhaps shine some light on it :slight_smile:

this is the output from booting into jessie, it seems its the same problem from before im just re-installing it again now… and its upside down

Maybe your pi is getting compromised!

I believe so although not sure, im back up and running, i think perhaps its another app i use that asks for permit root login and it is then being compromised, fingers crossed hope all stays well this time, i installed via the app this time too like first time and didnt need root at all, also i have removed what could be the problem modding and is purely jessie 4.4 with cayenne… see how it goes…oh and lots of zzzzz’s and 99999’s for thems brute force bots!!!haha

Am I missing something here or is the entire montior upside-down? :upside_down:

I blame the Russians.

Does your Pi often get powered off without the shutdown command? Pulling the plug to reset or having it plugged in to an unreliable power source can cause corruption which will definitely result in some funky behavior like what you are seeing.

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Adam this seems to be the problem, it has broke again.
We run electric on a topup meter and sometimes the inevetable happens the power goes out, this happened today im informed by my girlfriend and has crashed the pi once again.
I have to be honest this is a great app but if it cant recover from a power out that is a major floor for a thing like this what if people have pumps running on solenoids and stuff i can see accidents happening,thankfully i dont but not very useful, great that its free and all but ive said before i would pay for something that works, this judt isnt working out how i hoped if there is no fix for this perhaps i need to find a differnt program im pretty sure if i put my mind to it i can code the pi myself in an offline manner just to time some lights. time to build my own smart light :wink:

Sorry to hear this @dar_c, it sounds like this is not an issue with Cayenne specifically, but potential SD card corruption on power loss?

Have you considered adding a UPS to your project setup to provide power to the Pi so you can shut it down safely when power is lost at your place? Here is one that is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi, it will even shut down the Pi safely when it detects it is on battery if you set it to do so.

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Unless you get your power issue figured out your offline solution will have problems as well. It’s just the nature of an OS on a file systems that they need to be cleanly shut down or there is always the possibility of corruption.

bugger knows