Milesight LoRaWAN EM300 / KPNthings / Cayenne

Hi there,
I’m new here (and with Lora etc.), come from the Netherlands and have a problem I can’t resolve…
I have bought a Milesight LoRaWAN EM300 thermometer and I’m trying to add it (for a few months now…).
What I have done? I have connected the thermometer to the KPNThings network (it’s free for 3 devices to test/use and nationwide available!) And see there is data coming in.
(Knipsel — Postimages)
Have set data to ‘raw lora payload’
(Knipsel — Postimages)
And have set these settings:
Type MQTT broker

Destination Specification

UUID 46fc6557-3c7b-4e9a-8************
Description Client ID ea03e400-4216-11e**********
Port 1883
Topic things/%p/%d/%n
Message timeout (in milliseconds) 10000
Retain messages No
QoS level At least once (1)

(have copied MQTT username/password/client ID from cayenne dasboard)

There is no data coming in at all…

What am I doing wrong? Hope someone can help me with this!!


KPN things network is not supported on cayenne yet.