Missing GPIO PIN select option


Hello, i can’t add any device to dashboard because i cant select the GPIO pin , the option is missing.
From dashboard on the “GPIO TAB” e can control it without problem.

Raspberry Pi 3 B


Hi there,
I am experiencing the same problem when adding a relay or any other GPIO actuator…
Using chrome, IE, trying on different PCs,
Same time when this problem appeared, also it is no longer possible to view or change setting on temperature sensors (celsius, fahrenheit etc.), only in android app the change is possible to make but the value seems to be still in Fahrenheit scale…


Same problem here !


même problème ici. Impossible d’installer un trigger sensor ou actionneurs
pas la possibilité de selectionner le port gpio


Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into it & will post a fix soon.



same problem


same problem


@volkanaygun @rbk.titanium @stephanelemoine32 @stefanitza21 @j.lastuvka @pc_fabio Hey everyone, this should be fixed now. Let me know otherwise.



its fully working , thank you


its fully working , thank you