MOKO GPS Tracker LW001-BG PRO with Helium Network

I have registered device on helium console, and it is transfering data, but map and query does not show on my cayenne web site, I have used the only available old MOKO GPS non Pro device, it gave me this kind of error.
So, I have removed the device and tried do add again but now receive Conflict message.

Before I put this in a trash can, is there any way to put this thing to work properly with Mydevices Cayenne?


Cayenne Conflict message got fixed after some time, but still giving me errors, not showing map activity, no query, only erros, but that’s ok since it’s not the correct sensor model.

I´ve asked MyDevices support for a subscription key to work along with Iot in a Box, let’s see if that give me some map activity or data showing for the sensor.

Still waiting for IoT in a Box subscription key.

About Mydevices Cayenne, It would be nice if the Moko Pro version became supported by the platform, is there an ETA for this? Since I bought the old compatible Moko non Pro version because of its compatibility with Cayenne and received an incompatible one (Pro version).