Moving project overseas

Soon I will be moving my solar control project to the Philippines and thus it will be on a different router.

Will I need to reserve the MAC address in that router as I have done in the US?

Does the cloud server sync with the MAC address no matter where the Rpi is located?

If I reserve the MAC address will the web browser and iOS see the Rpi and will I end up re-doing my widgets, scheduling and triggers?

Also if someone knows how to get the wlan on my Rpi3 working assistance would be appreciated.

As long as the Raspberry Pi is still running the Cayenne agent and has unrestricted access to the Internet, it will find our server when you start it back up in the Philippines. It should not be necessary to re-do anything on your Cayenne dashboard as far as widgets/triggers/scheduling so long as the attached devices remain on the same GPIO pins when you set this back up.

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Thank you!