Multiple device solution

How many devices can be implemented to single account as i want to implement approx 500 devices at a time which can run simultaneously on it. and sends temperature value always updated as well as one trigger mechanism, how many trigger my single account can “ran successfully” without any trigger limits.
Kindly guide me.

For so many devices i won’t suggest you use cayenne and in place go for cayenne sister commercial platform Work with Us - myDevices which offers a platform for better management of multiple devices.

thank you sir,
And how many trigger i can have per day or per device or per account? kindly share details as i have right now two device connected with my this account having trigger sms as well as offline sms so how many sms will i receive before it reaches trigger limit? what is the trigger limit? how it works? kindly guide me and as per the commercial usage i would like to enquire for more if you can share contact details of that sales person of your company.
kindly help me out
thank you.

you can drop your query here Contact - myDevices and the sales team will get in touch with you.