Trigger Status

Is there a status page for triggers? Or is there a limitation on triggers? My project was working great until yesterday when trigger notifications (Email or SMS) quit. No triggers have completed since Oct. 24 at 12pm.


yes, you can navigate to add new —> triggers —> My triggers.

i guess you have hit rate limit.

Is there a place that shows our personal trigger status in terms of limit? Also, does each trigger count as one? (SMS=1 plus Email=1) So for example if I have a trigger fire for a limit, and it sends out an eMail and a SMS, does it count as 2 or 1 on my trigger status?


the limit of 90 is for SMS while 300 is for email. The trigger counter can be seen in the trigger page where it shows the time the trigger was run.

I am using TTN and Cayenne Integration, so the triggers are Cayenne based. If I use a webhook instead, is there a limitation?
I guess the question is if there is a limitation on triggers that are not SMS/Email?


which node are you using?

Not sure what you mean by node? Sensor type?

Triggers just aren’t working. Even with Webhooks. If the max limit is daily, then I haven’t sent any triggers today. If it is for the month, then yes, I am over.

Thanks for your time.

Looks like issue is resolved. For some reason if you create a new webhook, it fills in Payload with type=payload. But if it’s blank, it doesn’t work.
I am getting triggers and it’s working. Actually better than the Cayenne triggers because it doesn’t keep pushing.
The issue I now need to resolve is how to put actual data from the RadioBridge device into the message. RadioBridge devices don’t use Value=XXX, so I am having a tough time putting data into the text message as Cayenne does in it’s triggered message.

Thanks for the help- Lots!

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