MySQL Databse implementation



I have a question. I read data from a smart meter and put them in a MySQL Database on my Rasberry.
Now i want to upload the data from MySQL to Cayenne and visualiz them.

Has anyone any idea how to do that?


Not currently possible until the MQTT implementation supports historizing.


Are you able to send the data to cayenne in real time, or only a dump? I was just looking at my MQTT graphs and it appears the history is working now (unless my eyes are fooling me?) Maybe a stealth release? @rsiegel




You’re onto us @adam. :slight_smile:

We just haven’t made a big release notes deal about it yet since there are some bugs we’re ironing out today (chiefly that new sensor data isn’t showing up for an hour in the graph history).

Also, the ‘live’ and ‘minutes’ tabs are dead (and this is by design) but I’m interested in community input on it either way. The idea is that its function will be served by the lowest level remaining tabs on the graph view, and, in an upcoming update, a more dynamic graph that you can scroll and zoom around where the tabs are just zoom points and not rigid different views.